Sensor+ (2X)

Sensor+ (2X)

A package of two (2x) Sensor+ monitors.

Sensor+ by Robopathic is a Smart Home Environmental Monitor with LCD thermostat display, AC Control, CO, Dust and Air Particle Detection, Gas, Temp, Humidity and Motion sensors.

It can be controlled directly from the unit or through the mobile app.

Additional features are available within the mobile app. Some of the features are:
- Alarms and Configuration
- Trends
- Dashboard

Full Specs:
- Sensor+ Unit (2X)
- Power Cord and Supply (2X)
- LCD Thermostat Display
- Configurations / Alerts
- Mobile Application
- Motion Sensor
- CO & Gas Sensors
- Humidity Monitoring
- Dust and Air Particle Sensors
- Installation Guide and Set-up Video